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Tina Singh


Occupational Therapist

Digital Content Creator

Mom of 3

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About Tina

Occupational Therapist, Digital Content Creator, Mother

Tina began practicing Occupational Therapy in 2007 and then began running a private practice focusing providing assessment and treatment for those with acquired brain injury. 

After she had her 3rd son in 2015, Tina also started creating digital family content on YouTube. She has since expanded her content to include advice on motherhood, being a first generation Canadian, entrepreneurship and parenting from the lens of an Occupational Therapist.

In 2019, Tina started a podcast called One Take With Tina where she addressed heavier social issues such as human trafficking, racism, domestic violence and mental health.



One Take With Tina Podcast

On the One Take With Tina Podcast, Tina focuses on heavier social issues such as human trafficking, racism, domestic violence and mental health.


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